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The Nelson Memorial Hall

The Burnhams Newsletter


Burnhams Benefice


Burnham Thorpe Weather website

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Fakenham Times


Eastern Daily Press (EDP) 


Lynn News


Community Action Norfolk

Video Links


Click to see wonderful and extraordinary videos of our unspoilt village past and present


Link to 'Unveiling the village sign' (1975) with RAF Vulcans flypast (go to 41mins 46secs. Silent)


Link to 'Fishing' in the water meadows (late 50s/early 60s)


Link to Getty images video (recent) 


Link to British Pathe footage 1936 (go to 1 min 10secs)


Link to Lord Charles and Ray Alan  1960s (go to 9mins 57secs) 


Link to East Anglian Film Archive 1966 (go to 7mins 40secs)


Link to East Anglian Film Archive 1982 (go to 19mins 2secs)


The Southerland Movies - Southerlands Farm 1960s and more (eg children skating down the frozen Burn at 19m57s)  


There are currently several vacant plots at the allotments site which is adjacent to Goodricks, opposite the south end of Blacksmiths Lane.  The site is owned and run by the Holkham Estate.  If you would like an allotment, or just to have an informal discussion about possibly getting one, please contact Holkham on 01328 710240.  They are keen to see as many of the allotments in use as possible.  They are also happy to be flexible on the size of individual plots, because there was a belief that the plot sizes were too large.  A full plot was £30 per year when last checked and smaller plots were £10 per 100sq metres.  The estate was going to look into the possibility of getting water to the site although it may not prove possible.  Use of the actual plots is very flexible, with things like fruit trees and chickens allowed.  Allotment holders are responsibility themselves for rabbit control and rabbits continue to be a problem on the site.  Commercial use of the new sites is not allowed.  Sheds may be allowed but permission will need to be obtained for them.