Parish Council Meetings

The Meeting will be held on Monday 19th September 2022 at 6.30 pm in the Nelson Memorial Hall


The Agenda will be placed  on the website three clear days before the meeting.

Old Agendas and Documents:


Agenda 25th July 2022 | Draft Minutes of 20th June 2022 | Clerks Report | Cash Book Reconciliation June | Financial Statement June | Local Plan Addendum | Local Plan - Non Technical Summary | Roles and Responsibilities for Playing Field Association | Parish Partnership Letter | Terms of Reference

Agenda for 20th June 2022 | Draft Minutes of 9th May | Clerks Report | Financial Statement April 22 | Financial Statement May 2022

Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting | Draft Minutes from 5th May 2021

Agenda for the Annual Parish Council Meeting | Draft Minutes from 20th April 2022 | Clerks Report | Financial Statement for March 2022 | Bank Reconciliation March 22Section 1 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) | Section 2 | Internal Auditor Report | Certificate of Exemption | Asset List | CIL Report |

Agenda | draft Minutes 14th February 2022 | Clerks Report| Financial Statement | Bank Reconciliation


Agenda 14th February | Draft Minutes of 4th January 2022 | Clerks Report | Financial Statement December | Financial Statement January | Bank Reconciliation December | Bank Reconciliation January | 

Agenda 4th January | Draft Minutes of 22nd November | Clerks Report | Financial Statement for November | Second Draft of Budget |

Agenda 13th December | Draft Minutes 22nd November | Proposed alterations to 6 Walsingham Road    MEETING CANCELLED

Agenda 22nd November 2021 | Draft Minutes of 11th October | Clerks Report | Survey for Lowering Speed Limit | Financial Statement October | Bank Reconciliation | Budget | Millennium Piece Costing | Proposed Meeting Dates 2022 |  

Agenda 11th October 2021 | Draft Minutes of 31st August | Clerks Report | Financial Reconciliation | Bank Reconciliation | Correspondence List | Draft Budget | General Reserves Policy

Agenda for Tuesday 31st August 2021 | Draft Minutes of 3rd August 2021 | Clerks Report | Financial Reconciliation | Gambling Act Consultation | Quote for Noticeboard | Correspondence List | Application for Co-Option

Agenda for Tuesday 3rd August 2021 | Draft Minutes from 19th July 2021

Agenda 19th July 2021 | Draft Minutes 5th May 2021 | Clerks Report | Public Map Planning | Financial Statements: April | May | June | Bank Reconciliation: April | May | June Contract K&M Lighting | Parish Partnership Grant | Draft Standing Orders | Draft Financial Regulations | Lone Worker Volunteer Policy | Correspondence List 

Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 5th May 2021 at 6.30 pm 

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting | Draft Minutes of 13th May 2019 | Reports

Annual Parish Council Meeting following after the Annual Parish Meeting

Agenda 5th May 2021 | Draft Minutes of the 22nd March 2021| Clerks Report | Financial Bank Reconciliation | Financial Statement March 2021 | Earmarked Reserves | Internal Audit Report | Annual Governance and Accountability Return | Survey Results | Correspondence List

Meeting 22nd March 2021 Documents

Agenda for 22nd March 2021 | Correspondence List | Draft Minutes of 18th January 2021 | Clerks Report

Finances: Financial Statement January and February 2021 | Reconciliation

Letters:  Egmere Energy 10th February 2021 | 12th March 2021 | Parish Council to Egmere Energy 6th March 2021

Anglian Water 4th March 2021

Meeting 18th January 2021

Agenda for the 18th January 2021 | Correspondence List for the meeting 18th January 2021 | Minutes of 23rd November 2020 |

Letter sent to Future Biogas and JLEN | Briefing Document Updated V2 | Response from JLEN 17 December 2020 | Response from Future Biogas 16th December | Attachment with Future Biogas letter

 Village Gateways Quotes | Quote for Millennium Piece by Fakenham Conservation Team

Policies to be reviewed:  Complaints Policy | Freedom of Information Policy | Lone Worker Policy | Training and Development Policy | Code of Conduct Policy 

Financial Bank Reconciliation for November and December 2020 | Financial Statement for November and December 202 |

Information Pack for the Public - 18th January 2021

The Agenda will be placed  on the website three clear days before the meeting.

Under the Coronavirus Act 2020 the Government have now set out legislation for Parish Councils to hold virtual meetings until May 2021.  These meetings can be held remotely and removes the requirement for the annual meeting this year and the re-election of the Chair. 

A guide has been produced by the Parish Council to assist with parishioners questions as to what happens at meetings.  Guide for Public attending meetings 

Parish Council meetings

The dates of forthcoming meetings in 2022 are:

Tuesday 4th January

Monday 14th February

Monday28th March

Monday 9th May

Monday 20th June

Monday 25th July

Monday 19th September

Monday 31st October

Monday 12th December


Ordinary General Meetings are held every two months. They are held in the Nelson Hall and begin at 6.30pm.  At these meetings the council undertakes general business relating to the running of the village. Everyone is extremely welcome to come along. Please ensure that mobile phones are switched off before the meeting starts.

Public Participation: Members of the public are invited to attend all meetings of the Council but may not take part in the debates. However, at the start and at the end of the main meeting there is a time set aside for members of the public to make any comments that they would like to bring to the attention of Councillors. Comments may be on any subject of concern to the Council, including items that are to be discussed later, or on other issues entirely. However, in the latter case the public are asked to bear in mind that legally the Council can only discuss items that have been advertised in the published agenda. Therefore, members of the public introducing new subjects may have to wait until the following meeting before the Council is able to debate the matter.