Casual Vacancy in the Office of Councillor 

The Parish Council have now been given permission by the Borough Council that no election is to take place and are able to co-opt.  To be considered for co-option as a Councillor please complete the application form and return to the Clerk.  The deadline is 1st October 2021 and will be discussed at the next meeting on 11th October.

Speed Survey

A form has been sent round previously but there were comparatively few returns.  This is why the survey is being repeated again.  Please do complete a paper copy or complete online.


A public map can be seen of all planning applications in the village.  This has only just been started and will be added to as planning applications come in. 

Local Plan Presentation:

Anyone wishing to see the process of the Local Plan consultation it has now been place on You Tube

Lowering of Speed in the Village

A survey has been sent to all parishioners for their comments and views.  Background:  Our County Councillors, Andrew Jamieson is considering a coastal village wide approach to improve safety along the A149.  It could involve speed restrictions and possibly seasonal parking restrictions in villages.  He has asked for a response from our parish to establish how much support there would be for this imitative to take place in Burnham Thorpe.  The Parish Council would welcome your views on these proposals and invite you to complete this survey above.  The Deadline will be 31st March 2021. 

Results of Survey


The results for the lowering of the speed limit for the whole of the parish was 51.4% parishioners not support the lowering from 30mph to 20mph.  45.7% thought it should be lowered and 2.9% only other roads should be considered.


The result also showed Church Road should be included in the speed limit of 30mph to Walsingham Road

This is set out as a diagram for easy reference..  The full survey can be viewed as well.

Millennium Piece Survey 

The survey has had a very good response to the survey.  The results are as follows:

The Question was "Would you like the Parish Council to renew the lease for Millennium Piece with Holkham for another 20 years.  Yes / No


Permanent Residents      YES = 12   NO = 23

Part time Residents         YES = 26   NO = 5

General Public                    YES = 8   NO = 5

TOTAL RESULTS               YES = 46   NO = 33


Comments from the survey

Meetings​ and Communication with the Public

It has been agreed that the Parish Council meetings will be brought forward a week.  This will enable a leaflet to be written to explain what has happened at meetings and also items of interest for the village.  This leaflet will be distributed in with the Burnhams Newsletter.  

New legislation has given Parish Councils the ability to hold Parish Council meetings by virtual meetings.  The Parish Council is using Zoom for this platform.  Public will be allowed to be present virtually.  Any member of the public wishing to join can contact the Clerk for these details and how to access Zoom.   Under the new legislation Parish Council are not required to hold their Annual Parish Council Meeting so this will not take place.  Also the current Chair will preside for another year.

Please do contact the Clerk, Sarah Raven on 01328 738512 if anyone is self-isolating and needs assistance.  She can then put you in touch with local volunteers or charity groups. 

Pre- Application for a proposed Radio Base Statement installation at New Road, Burnham Overy Staithe

The mast would be situated on New Road, Burnham Overy Staithe.  This would connect properties to Smart Meters.  The layout and site can be viewed,  Map and Plans. New installations are required to be installed to cover these rural "not sports" enabling the energy suppliers to take reasonable steps to offer Smart Meter installation to their rural based customers by 2020, in line with their legal obligations.  The infrastructure needed to enable the Smart Meter to operate is also the same as that needed for 2G, 3G and 4G service provision for Telefonica UK Limited.  Some of the these rural areas are not currently serviced by Telefonica as it was not commercially viable to provide connectivity to such a low populated area.  Burnham Overy Staithe is one such location.  

Green Homes Grant Scheme

Green Homes Grant Scheme details can be found on the Borough Council website.  Green Home Scheme Grant


Friends Against Scams have sent a booklet regarding scams and how to avoid them.  This is a very useful booklet. 

Friends Against Scams Booklet

Flood Modelling Plans

The Environment Agency have provided a summary and maps of the new flood modelling for Burnham Thorpe.

Flood Summary and Plans

Temporary Closure of Footpath 9/10

A recent inspection of timber footbridge TF84407 on the Public Right of Way ‘Burnham Thorpe FP9/FP10’ has identified defects in structural timbers making the bridge unsuitable for use. This means that the bridge will need to be closed in the interests of public safety until repairs can be carried out or a replacement can be installed.

A specific date for repair works is unavailable at present.  It is hoped that Norfolk County Council will deal with this in the Spring 2021.  

Other public rights of way which have been reported to Norfolk County Council for attention are:

FP5 - this has a missing finger post.

FP15 - The right of way marker post is pointing in the wrong direction.  Also there is an obstruction on the field not allowing the correct route to be followed.

Gate near Church - This has been reported as broken.



If properties in Burnham Thorpe cannot access fibre and would like to, please could they contact the Clerk for more information on how this might be possible.