SAM2 Results

The Parish Council has recently purchased a new mobile Speed Awareness Message (SAM2) with the help of a grant from the Parish Partnership.  It will be moved to different locations around the parish.  The SAM2 flashes up vehicle speeds and a warning to 'slow down' if they are exceeding the limit. This helps to raise speed awareness among drivers. It also records the time, date and speed of the vehicle.  It does not record vehicle licence plates.

The 85th percentile is used extensively in decision making as it is indicative of the speed that the majority of road users are travelling at.  Use of the 85th percentile speed concept is based on the theory that:

The large majority of drivers: 

  •  are reasonable and prudent

  •  do not want to have a crash

  •  desire to reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

A speed at or below which 85 percent of people drive at any given location under good weather and visibility conditions may be considered as the maximum safe speed for that location.

Results of the SAM2 - please contact the Clerk to receive the results and graphs in more detail:

Walsingham Road Opposite Whitehall Farm

Report from 19th September 2021 to 17th October 2021

85th Percentile 34 mph 

Max Speed 65 on the 13th October 2021

Total Vehicles 6375

Walsingham Road - Opposite The Lodge - Not able to position due to hedge

Goodricks - Unable to download Data

Walsingham Road - Opposite Pub facing towards Burnham Market

Report 4th June 2021 to 13th July 2021

85th Percentile Speed 28.1 mph

Max Speed 50 mph on 7th July 2021

Total Vehicles 8936

Lowes Lane

The summary is as follows:

85th Percentile - 25.3 mph

Max Speed 40 mph on 24th May 2021

Total Vehicles 1008

Walsingham Road opposite Whitehall Farm

The summary is as follows:

Traffic Report from 2nd March 2021 to 16th April 2021

85th Percentile Speed: 36.9 mph

Max Speed 60 on 21st March 2021

Total Vehicles 7839

Walsingham Road opposite The Lodge facing towards Burnham Market

The summary is as follows:

Traffic Report from 30th November 2020 to 10th January 2021

85th Percentile Speed 30 mph

Max Speed 55 mph on 19th December 2020 at 8pm

Total Vehicles 5004

Walsingham Road, near Pub, facing towards Burnham Market

The summary is as follows

Traffic Report from 4th September 2020 to 3rd October 2020

85th Percentile Speed 28.1 mph

Max Speed 45 mph on 9th September 2020

Total Vehicles 7390

Lowes Lane

The summary is as follows:

Traffic Report from 22nd July 2020 to 28th August 2020

85th Percentile Speed 26.8 mph

Max speed 40mph on 23rd July 2020

Total vehicles 1917

Goodricks Results

The summary is as follows :

Traffic Report From 28/08/2019 to 02/10/2019

85th Percentile Speed  29.2 MPH   

85th Percentile Vehicles  1592   

Max Speed  45 MPH on  05/09/2019  at 13:25:00

Total Vehicles1873   

Walsingham Road opp The Lodge

The summary is as follows: 

Traffic Report From 03/10/2019  to 02/11/2019

85th Percentile Speed  32.4 MPH    

85th Percentile Vehicles   3267    

Max Speed   60 MPH  on   06/10/2019    02:05:00 

Total Vehicles3843    

Walsingham Rad opp Whitehall Farm

Summary is as follows:

Traffic Report From  04/11/2019   to  02/12/2019

85th Percentile Speed   36.4 MPH    

85th Percentile Vehicles   3175    

Max Speed 55 MPH on 19/11/2019  14:25:00 

Total Vehicles 3735    

If there are any queries regarding the SAM2 results please contact the clerk.